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Millie Day was quite surprised to find out that she has been one of Hospice of the East Bay’s most generous supporters for more than twenty years. She lives a comfortable life of modest means, but has nevertheless created a legacy of generosity during her lifetime by being a regular supporter of causes that are important to her.

Millie was born and raised in Walnut Creek and often rode her horse around town during her childhood. She remembers tying her horse up in front of her best friend’s house, which is where Scott’s Restaurant now stands on California Boulevard.

Millie was a freshman in high school when she noticed her best friend’s sophomore brother, Harry. She and Harry were smitten and ended up dating throughout her high school years. They married when he returned from a tour in the military.

At that time, Walnut Creek had a large population of walnut trees for which the city was named. When she and Harry bought their first home, the property included a large grove of walnut trees. They raised two sons and one daughter in this home, and saw them off to start their own families.
Sadly, Harry became ill and died in 1992. After seeing firsthand how caregivers from Hospice of the East Bay worked diligently to ease his final days, Millie made the decision to support our organization financially as well as volunteer her time. She volunteered at our

Alamo Thrift Shoppe for many years and recalls knitting scarves to sell in the store. She offered her bumper crop of tomatoes one year, and they were quite a hit.

Millie experienced our care once again when her mother, Carabel Ginn, died in 2000. This experience reinforced her commitment to helping ensure our ability to provide service to others in need.

In 2011, Millie told us she would begin making significant gifts from her individual retirement account (IRA). Ever generous, Millie will also make a major donation this year, in addition to her IRA gift.

Millie Day’s generous support enables us to give other people the same compassionate care her husband and mother received. At the same time, she is helping her children, and making plans to provide for them when she is gone.

We hope you too will keep Hospice of the East Bay in your future giving plan. Please consider setting aside a portion of your estate so that we can provide for the future needs of others in our community.

Remembering us in your giving plans can be a benefit to you as well. By donating your appreciated assets—stock, real estate and individual retirement accounts— you receive a tax deduction for the current market value, and can carry any unused deduction forward for five additional years.

We can also accept assets such as real estate, art, business interests, and other intangible property. Using these assets to fulfill your philanthropic goals can also provide you with significant benefits.

If you depend on your assets for income but would like to make a gift now, please call us to discuss ways we can provide you with increased income for life, with significant tax benefits.