Board of Directors

Bob Carlson

Cindy Hatton, RN, MSN
President & CEO

Cindy Silva
Vice Chair

Frank Martens

Ernie Wintter

Sue Burroughs
Past Chair

Bill Eames
Julie Freedman, MD
Garrett Girvan
James Laird
Michelle Lopes
Debora Masiel
Frank Puglisi
Eric Rudney
David Smith
Linda Trowbridge

Associate Emeriti

Burt Bassler
Lynn Brady
Jamie McLanahan Gerson
Sharon Iversen
Pauline Kaune
John Kopchik, Jr.
Dennis Ross

Senior Staff

Cindy Hatton, MSN, RN
President and CEO

David Caldwell
Chief Financial Officer

Susie Crandall, PhD, CHA
Vice President, Agency Collaboration & Effectiveness

Daniel Jordan
Vice President of Fund Development & Retail Operations

Christopher Joyce
Vice President, Human Resources

Susan Levitt, RN, BSN
COO/Vice President of Patient Care Services

Missy Ring, MSN, RN
Vice President, Quality Education & Compliance

Sally Sample, MD
Chief Medical Officer

Clinical Team

Overall, 32% of our staff is certified in Hospice and Palliative Care. Our direct clinical staff includes:

8 Physicians
3 Nurse Practitioners
58 Registered Nurses
25 Licensed Vocational Nurses
26 Home Health Aides (Hospice Aide)
18 Medical Social Workers
6 Spiritual Care Counselors
4 Bereavement Counselors