What is Bruns House?

In 2004, Hospice East Bay started Bruns House to provide inpatient care for patients who required acute symptom management. The Bruns House is the only inpatient facility in the Greater Bay Area that provides this kind of care in a home like setting. Every effort is made to ensure that Bruns House feels like home, including having patients decide what and when they eat, allowing family members to stay the night, a lovely garden for visiting, and private rooms for all patients that allows for counseling or conferences with medical staff.

Bruns House provides:

  • Effective pain relief and management of complex symptoms that can not be accomplished at home;
  • Comfort and care for every patient according to his or her wishes;
  • Support for all patients and family members dealing with emotional, spiritual, and practical concerns during the final weeks of life;
  • Ensuring that life’s last journey is what the patient wants it to be.

How is Bruns House funded?

Realizing the importance to families and patients, Hospice East Bay is committed to maintaining Bruns House, even though it adds significant financial costs that are not fully reimbursed by Medicare and private insurance. Bruns House represents the most expensive level of care Hospice East Bay provides for our patients and the community and every year the Bruns House operates with a $500,000 yearly deficit.

How can you help?

We rely on the generous support of our donors and foundations to make up the annual $500,000 shortfall, as without it, we would not be able to afford to operate this wonderfully unique facility. Please consider making a restricted donation to Bruns House through one of the following ways:

  • Donate a gift of cash or stock;
  • Make a $750 donation and we will install a memorial brick in the garden with an inscription of the name of your loved one;
  • Gifts of $2,500 or more will receive a memorial brick as well as an inscribed name plate on our donor wall.

Hospice East Bay hosts an annual memorial ceremony in the garden. This provides a special time of coming together and hearing the names of your loved ones read aloud. We mail out invitations to all those that have purchased bricks or name plates to join us.

If you would like more information or to make a gift, please contact our Development Department by calling our main office at (925) 887-5678 or email Annie Lobo at .