Our 87 year old father died at the end of March, 2014. He was transferred to the Bruns house from John Muir Medical Center, where he peacefully passed away two days later. The nurses, Doctors and support staff were very kind, compassionate and overall excellent. A special thank you to chaplain Carol, who supported our family emotionally and spiritually, as my father passed from this world to another. We are very grateful to all of the people who work at hospice and particularly, the Bruns House. Thank you.

Ann G.

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My dad was in the hospital due to complications from his radiaton and COPD. I was told he was going to be fine, that this was a bump in the road. Three days later the doctor told us his lung cancer was back and he had weeks to live.

My dad wanted to go home and with the help of Hospice East Bay, we had him home within hours. The hospital bed, oxygen and meds were all provided and waiting for him. My dad was so happy to be home and we had a wonderful evening with him.

The hospice nurse called me in the morning to let me know what time she would be arriving. My dad was experiencing pain and she eased my mind and walked me thorugh what pain meds to give him. My dad's nurse arrived and went over not only his meds but a lot of other information. I was nervous giving him morphine, so she drew a pain chart for me and how much to give him.

My dad died in the afternoon surrounded by his family. It was the hardest thing I have gone though! Do not be mislead that having a loved one die at home is an easy experience. But is was the best gift I could give my dad!

We would not have been able to do this without the help of Hospice East Bay.

A rating system regarding my experience is hard due to the circumstances. My family is very appreciative for the support we received from Hospice East Bay.

Laurie W.
Martinez, CA
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Hospice East Bay attended to my father during the last days of his life. They were kind, caring, and made sure he was not in pain. The hospice nurse sat with me for a long time after he passed. I can say nothing but good things about them.

Andy G.

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To all the caring staff at Hospice East Bay


Your kindness and support kept us afloat many days. We wish to thank each and everyone of you for your wonderful care of Link. May God bless you all.

Love Pat & Clarice L

Dear Hospice East Bay
This letter is long overdue.
I want to thank you for the care my family received during my mother’s illness. From the first minute hospice walked into our home our family was enveloped in love, caring and kindness. Mom died within a week of being admitted to hospice. Our hospice team was unbelievably fantastic. We had a high quality team - our spiritual care person, our social worker, our RN, our hospice aid. All the very best. I am a retired hospice aid (5 years with hospice) and I never realized how we impact the families who are in our care. I will never forget our hospice team. Because of hospice my mother’s death was easier to bear. There was so much love and goodness and kindness. I will always treasure that last week with Mom and my brother. Hospice was the best possible choice to make, and I am so grateful to Hospice East Bay for their loving support and care.
Love to you all
Virginia M

Dear Hospice Nurses & Staff,
Our family thanks you all so very much for your kindness, caring, efficiency & professionalism.
Our mom has received the very best of care from Hospice East Bay. We especially want to thank you for always going above and beyond the call of duty! You are all very much appreciated.
Linda C

Dear Cast of Hospice Supporters,
Thank you for the wonderful, compassionate care you gave my dad as he made his transition from our world. Your team’s care allowed him to be free of pain and comfortable.
I also was the beneficiary of much kindness and guidance. Thank you for the care of our family & the continued support.
Deb S


Dear Staff of Bruns House,

Thank you for your tender care of our mother/wife in her last days on earth. You provided an invaluable service and we are so grateful for your compassionate support in this difficult time. She bought these cards, and therefore we hope to leave a little bit of her thanks, too, with you.

God bless you,
Evelyn H and Family

Dear Ms. Hatton,
Today, I have an appointment to pick up the ashes of (name withheld), a patient who received hospice services from your organization. The cycle of her life has ended, a process that was difficult for her to endure. However, as I now contemplate her final resting place, I look back on those days and recall the sensitive, kind and generous care your staff provided to her and her concerned friends. She had no surviving relatives. I particularly remember and thank Claire for the way she monitored her evolving status and the sensitive and considerate way she kept us informed. It was the best kind of comfort that she, and we, could have received.
Though her end of life was difficult, your organization provided her, and us, with the solace that we needed.
With thanks and appreciation,
[name withheld]

Dear Hospice East Bay,
Our family thanks you for coming alongside us in the final stages of our beloved mom’s life. You truly were God’s blessing to us. The support and care you all provided in your own unique authentic way was so greatly appreciated.
It was a process for our family and it caught us off guard and unprepared in so many ways. You were all patient and kind with us as we gradually grew in our understanding of this process while dealing with the emotions that poured forth as we each dealt individually and collectively as a family with mom’s final days.
We had been grieving the loss of our mom for the past 12 years with the dementia/Alzheimer’s. It was a slow journey so the quick pace of the final stages of her life caught us off guard. We could not have done it without your support and assistance in providing the palliative care services. I know if my mom were able to speak, she would thank you for being there for her and her family.
Being my mom’s advocate during this journey - I thank you from the depths of my inner most being - no words can express our appreciation for all your provision.
May God bless you all.
Our love,
[name withheld]

To my dad’s & my friends at Hospice East Bay,
I want to send my personal thanks to your organization or the sympathy card and support you sent recently. I am so very grateful for everything you did for my dad & myself during his final chapters of our lives.
Peace be with you always.
Mark J

Dear Ms. Hatton,
I want to personally thank Ninia and Jessie for their warmth and tenderness toward my mom. Since mom has been a patient with Hospice East Bay, I have been able to breathe a huge sigh of relief because I know Ninia and Jessie are taking excellent care of her. I know how fortunate I am to have Ninia and Jessie working so hard to make sure my mom is comfortable. You are also fortunate to have two employees who are willing to go that extra mile for their patients.
Thank you, Ninia and Jessie, from the bottom of my heart.
Laura E

Dear Hospice East Bay staff,
I would like to thank everyone there at Hospice East Bay for the tender care and dignity you extended my mother at the end of her life. Diane Neptune, Christine, Laura and other nurses, Ellen and Toni, volunteers Jennifer and Maria and Reverend Elizabeth, you are all angels who came at a time my mom and I needed you most. I will never forget each and every one of you. God Bless you all for what you do selflessly for others.
Lisa O

Dear Staff of Hospice East Bay
How grateful I am for ALL of you and your devoted, loving care for people and their families! I appreciate all your care for my mother at [an assisted living facility].

Thank you for your support in helping me also. And your patience! Forgive me I do not remember everyone’s names but thank you, thank you - blessings to all of you!
[name withheld]

Dear Hospice Staff,
A heartfelt thanks goes out from the [family name withheld] to my father’s hospice medical team, Eileen, and the many skilled triage nurses among them Valentina and Alice Stone who answered our questions and provided guidance throughout the many months of our father’s hospice care. Autumn, his Social Worker, had an easygoing manner and common sense approach to life, which seemed to fit well with our father’s. Elizabeth Phelps, his spiritual counselor, provided him great solace. Her visits seemed to lighten his burden. He felt understood and free to bring up anything weighing on his mind. Cindy Powers provided great spiritual support. Each time she came to pray with my father, a sacred space was created through her great devotion.
A very special thanks to Diana, his regular bather. It takes a very special person to provide personal care to a very private and independent person like my father and to offer it with compassion and respect so that his reticence gave way to acceptance and our anxieties were eased as we felt his needs were more than met; he was well cared for. There were other substitute bathers whose names I don’t know; they deserve special thanks too. They took over with great skill and knew how to put him at ease. Then there were the great volunteers who gave my father the best haircuts ever and helped him to embrace his cute Mohawk. My father was very particular so it should be taken as high praise that he was greatly impressed with the quality and care given with each haircut he received. But it was far more than just the haircut, I was there for his last haircut and when he gave thanks I saw that there were tears of gratitude welling in his eyes. He was greatly moved and so were we. As his daughter, it was heartwarming to hear from so many of you that you greatly enjoyed tending to my father and appreciated his was of being, the calmness he exuded and his sense of humor.
Finally, I want to acknowledge the phone staff. Whenever I phoned Hospice there was always someone there that seemed to care. I may have spoken with some of you only briefly; however, each of you made a difference as a warm and caring voice goes a long way.
In Gratitude,
[name withheld]