My dad was in the hospital due to complications from his radiaton and COPD. I was told he was going to be fine, that this was a bump in the road. Three days later the doctor told us his lung cancer was back and he had weeks to live.

My dad wanted to go home and with the help of Hospice East Bay, we had him home within hours. The hospital bed, oxygen and meds were all provided and waiting for him. My dad was so happy to be home and we had a wonderful evening with him.

The hospice nurse called me in the morning to let me know what time she would be arriving. My dad was experiencing pain and she eased my mind and walked me thorugh what pain meds to give him. My dad's nurse arrived and went over not only his meds but a lot of other information. I was nervous giving him morphine, so she drew a pain chart for me and how much to give him.

My dad died in the afternoon surrounded by his family. It was the hardest thing I have gone though! Do not be mislead that having a loved one die at home is an easy experience. But is was the best gift I could give my dad!

We would not have been able to do this without the help of Hospice East Bay.

A rating system regarding my experience is hard due to the circumstances. My family is very appreciative for the support we received from Hospice East Bay.

Laurie W.
Martinez, CA
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