Dear Christine,

It is so difficult to believe that it is over a month since my sister passed away. My family and I wanted you to know how much we appreciated the care and kindnesses that you showed her. Everyone from Hospice East Bay showed the same empathy. Her life was special and your warm smile, gentle manner, and compassion was special as well.

Thank you all so much

[name withheld]

[Christine Brown is our Bereavement Assistant]

Dear Ben,
Thank you so much for your help, support & presence with my whole family through dad’s last few months, & especially his last few days.

I am deeply grateful to you for allowing me to focus on my father & his needs as he died peacefully at home surrounded by family & friends. I will never forget your generous gift of time, love & spirit, making that final week so special.
All the very best,
[name withheld]

[Rev. Ben Bigney is a Spiritual Care Counselor with Hospice East Bay]

We want to thank you all so much for your compassion and wonderful care not only to Gary, but to us too. You are all blessed with a special gift and are angels in disguise. Our sincere appreciation especially to Catrina, Charlene, Heather, Melissa, Julie and Karen and all of Gary’s team from the bottom of our hearts. You all truly helped to make one of the most difficult times in our life more bearable.

Thank you!


Judy G & Theresa C

To all at Hospice East Bay,

Words are inadequate to express my heartfelt thanks to you for all that you did for Paul and for me and our family during his last days with us. We are so thankful to know that he now is well and at peace with the Lord now. What a blessing for us to have that assurance! Everyone who came to our home and whom we spoke with on the phone, were so kind, understanding and helpful. We are blessed to have been directed to call on Hospice East Bay. I’m not at all sure how we might have coped with that last week without you. You helped to make a very difficult and painful time manageable and peaceful. For all of that, we are so grateful. God bless you all.

With love and thanks,

Ginny N

Thank you to all you wonderful people who signed our card and especially to our team - Eileen Owen RN, Diane Neptune, Shari Brewer and Rev. Elizabeth Felts for all the love and care you gave my husband and I during the last months of his life. He passed with the grace and dignity with which he had lived his life.

I miss you,

Shirley J

I still cannot believe it- that Hospice East Bay has such professional employees and the it has volunteer angels such as Margie who has been visiting the last two Tuesdays. We cleaned lots out of my store room (or she and Pat) did yesterday. We had fun!!! cleaning my deck and have more plans for it.

This world of ours is very under rated.


This group was absolutely fabulous from beginning to end. I cannot imagine going through this without their care, compassion and knowledge. We were surrounded by caring people who made my husband's terminal illness bearable.  Their patience & skill was outstanding and I have nothing but the highest praise for the team who took care of my husband as well as our family.  They were truly a blessing....

Marilyn B
Alamo, CA

(posted on Yelp)

If you are going to lose a loved one and want them to be comfortable and tended to like they are family, this is the place. My mother passed here after four days. Those four days with her, even though she was not totally conscious, were priceless to me and my family. The place is beautiful with a rose garden, fireplaces, comfortable furniture and room for family and friends. I just explained today to a friend that Bruns House is much better than bringing your loved one home. The patient and family will be much more secure in knowing there will be minimal to no suffering and their loved one is safe and sound. The people that work and volunteer there are earth angels and will be as helpful and involved as you'd like them to be. They offer different kinds of support but it is never pushy or thrust upon you. You don't have to even speak to anyone if you wish.

Elizabeth Lydon
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As most of you know, my sweet husband, Thayer Johnson, passed away comfortably in his sleep last month. Both he and I appreciated the months of indispensable help we received from your generous caring and support.

I know you all had a role to play, and I thank you, but I want to especially mention our nurse, Eileen, without whose twice a week visits and attention to his care, Thayer would surely have passed long ago.

In addition, huge thanks go to volunteers Bea, Karen, and Greg. What wonderful people!

And special appreciation to Nurses Aide Carla and to Kay in the volunteer department who made it possible for me to continue my social life and not lose touch with my friends and family.

I’ve asked that donations to Hospice East Bay be made in lieu of flowers in Thayer’s memory. I hope many people will do that for you.

With gratitude,
Alice Johnson

Dear Hospice East Bay,

I would like to thank everyone for their wonderful, caring care of my late husband Douglas. I especially want Christine, Carla and Rev. Elizabeth to know how much I appreciated their help. They were so gentle with Doug.

Doug’s time in Bruns House gave me a much needed break, and I know he was well cared for and thank them so much.

Doug has been gone for nine days and he is missed every minute of the day. After being together for 51 years, it is very strange being without him. I am thankful I have my three boxers. They give me a reason to get up in the morning.
I thank you again.
Sydney B.
April 19, 2016

I love coming to the Martinez Shoppe both to donate and shop! They have specials all the time on various items depending on the season or what they have in the store that week/month. I've purchased dish sets, DVDs, books, stationary, craft supplies, and a food processor from this shop. Never had a problem with any item. They also sell furniture at great prices but I haven't had the need for any yet.

They also make donations really easy and always provide me with a receipt for tax purposes when I need one. The employees are consistently nice. On one occasion I asked someone to help me find a French press coffee maker and sure enough there was one on a table that I didn't see! The employees do treat people well and wrap items appropriately upon checkout.

Everyone is nice and it's such an important worthy cause. I come here weekly and will continue to do so!

Miss H.
Pleasant Hill, CA

(posted on Yelp)

This is the best thrift store I've ever been in. The clothes are beautiful, the employees are so helpful and the manager is wonderful. I always find something great, and love the vintage sale. This is a great place to shop. Once you go there you become addicted.

Judy F.
Diablo, CA

(posted on Yelp)

I don't know how these amazing people do the work they do day in and day out, but I am so, so grateful they do.

Unfortunately we have had the need for hospice for both my mother-in-law a year and a half ago, and my mother just a few weeks ago. It is a nearly unbearable situation to have to say goodbye to a parent. In both cases, this situation was so made so much easier thanks to the great folks at Hospice East Bay. Every nurse, caregiver, and social worker, that we worked with was so kind and compassionate. I can't imagine spending my work days caring for people who are dying. But I don't know how we could have gotten through either of these situations without them. In both cases they made sure our moms were well cared for and comfortable. If there was any concern that they weren't as comfortable as they could be, the nurses would do whatever necessary to rectify the situation.

Unfortunately we can't remember the name of the case manager nurse for my mother-in-law, but she was wonderful. She took charge and got whatever we needed, and was kind and compassionate. Our recent case manager nurse, John, was phenomenal. In one instance he stayed with us for nearly two hours to continue to adjust the medication and make sure my mom was comfortable before leaving. And he was the one who came when she passed. He was so kind and compassionate and made a horrible situation go as smoothly as possible. I would never wish this situation on anyone, but if you find yourself in need, I would definitely recommend Hospice East Bay!

Bria C.
Pleasant Hill, CA

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Dear Kind Caregivers,

Perhaps it is a reflection of my age that when I meet a person who is especially kind I am immediately suspicious of their motivation. Why, I wonder, is this person, a stranger to me, going out of their way to show me kindness. In the interest of full disclosure those were the thoughts I harbored when I was introduced to the caregivers from Hospice East Bay.
In your case I quickly learned that you had no other axe to grind. Each person I met or interacted with was thoughtful, caring and considerate, not as a condition of employment, but as a central feature of their character. When I came to that realization the weight that both my sister Kim and I were carrying related to our mother's care was instantly lifted. Knowing that our mother would receive the attention that she so richly deserved freed my sister and I up to show her the love that she had showered upon us throughout our lives together.

I have missed my mother every day since her passing early this month, but I am comforted by the knowledge that we did all in our power to ensure that her final hours were spent in familiar surroundings and in the warm, loving embrace of myself and my sister. For your role in making my mother as comfortable as her circumstances would allow, please accept my most sincere thanks. Know that your kindness will never be forgotten.

Very respectfully yours,
Bruce M.

Dear Hospice East Bay,

For all the many months Hy Spinrad was cared for by Hospice East Bay, I felt my husband was in good hands. The nurses and volunteers were wonderful, caring people.

Thanks to all the people that took care of him, read to him, told him of the latest articles on Astronomy (he was an astronomy professor), conversed with him, or just held his hand … thank you.

Thanks Sarah and Chris for your care; Debbie, Diane, Sherrie, Sharon for the songs; Kathy, Elizabeth for your kind words; Mary, Rob (or Roy?) and more. So many, and I can’t remember names.

Just know you were appreciated more than words can express to you. Enclosed is a donation to your organization in Hy Spinrad’s memory.

Again, thanks for all your kindness,
Bette Spinrad