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As a community based organization, caring for patients and their families is what we’re all about.

Music Therapy

Music is a very powerful therapeutic tool because it involves many different areas of the brain. The musical experience activates the neural centers for speech, memory, movement, emotions and executive functioning. Music therapists use music and all of its facets—physical, emotional, mental, social, aesthetic, and spiritual—to help clients improve their symptom management, emotional development, quality of time spent with loved ones, and quality of life.

Our clinical team includes a board-certified Music Therapist to address complex medical symptoms that lie beyond the scope of the Music & Memory program.

Music therapy interventions can be divided into active and receptive techniques. In active therapy, patients participate in creating music with instruments, voice or other objects. Receptive therapy involves playing or making music for the patient, who is free to draw, listen or meditate.

Pet Pals

Pet Pal Volunteers and their pets have been visiting Hospice East Bay patients and their families since 2008. They go through a meticulous certification with Tony La Russa’s Animal Rescue Foundation to fulfill their therapeutic roles and offer companionship, comfort and joy.

“Anyone who has ever owned a pet knows the enormous love and acceptance pets provide. They love us unconditionally,” says Joe Lumello, Bereavement Program Director for Hospice East Bay. “For people who are in hospice, the comfort pets provide can be especially beneficial. Put as simply as possible, pets make people feel good.”

Animals can often reach people when human relationships may be difficult. Scientific research has shown that interaction with animals can increase responsiveness, facilitate mental alertness and revive socialization.

Caregive Respite

Respite for caregiving family members provides a much-needed, temporary break from the often exhausting challenges they face. Respite has been shown to help sustain family caregiver health and well-being and avoid or delay out-of-home placements. Studies have shown, not only can families suffer economically and emotionally, caregivers themselves may face serious health and social risks as a result of stress associated with continuous caregiving.

Many of our families cannot afford to pay for respite care on their own due to economic hardships. Hospice East Bay has outside support for two Respite Funds.

The Rossmoor Respite Fund provides a break for caregivers that reside in the Rossmoor community, and our “Give Me a Break” program provides respite care in the remaining communities we serve. Families that pass a needs assessment are then provided with a pre-determined amount of paid caregiving.

Estate Services

Liquidating an estate can be a difficult and emotionally challenging task. Hospice East Bay can help by providing reliable estate clean-out services. Hospice East Bay will meet with the estate liquidator (at no charge), determine value and scope of the cleanout, inventory all items for donation, and schedule a cleanout date.

On the scheduled date, we will transport all donations to the Hospice Thrift Shoppes, haul trash to waste disposal (disposal fees charged to the estate), and provide tax-deductible receipts for all donated goods. We will leave the home empty and ready for cleaning.

For estate cleanouts 7-10 days advanced notice necessary to schedule and arrange personnel. We sometimes have the ability to perform estate cleanouts on short notice in order to help families from out of town clean out a residence. Please feel free to call our Estate and Retail Distribution Coordinator at (925) 260-2176.

Vigil Volunteers

When it becomes clear that a patient may be alone at the end of life, perhaps because their family cannot be at the bedside, hospice staff may request a Vigil when the patient transitions to actively dying.

Vigil Program Volunteers work at the bedside of actively dying patients. These specially trained volunteers help Hospice East Bay support its patients every step of the way by bringing relief to family members who are unable to be present for the death of their loved one. Most importantly, they help to ensure patients that they are not alone.

Sitting at the bedside of a patient in the final hours or days of his or her life is a great honor. Often, patients are not conscious during this time and one might assume there is no benefit to having another person in the room. Our hospice staff feels this is a time when another human’s presence can be comforting, calming and supportive – thereby reducing fear and anxiety for the patient.

Vigil Volunteers often say they enter the room of a complete stranger and leave as a special and sacred visitor. Family members regularly comment that it was especially heartwarming for them to know that their loved one was cared for so lovingly.

Pet Peace of Mind

Many people in hospice care have pets who have been their constant companions, offering unconditional love, acceptance, comfort and companionship, especially at a time when it’s needed most. Pet Peace of Mind enables hospice patients to keep their pets at home and by their side for as long as possible.

Hospice East Bay’s Pet Peace of Mind volunteers are specially trained to provide in-home pet care when the patient needs help caring for a pet. We also assist with re-homing a patient’s pet, should the need arise. With this kind and compassionate support, patients are able to complete their end-of-life journeys without worrying about their pets’ current or future needs.

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