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Kind Caregivers

Dear Kind Caregivers,

Perhaps it is a reflection of my age that when I meet a person who is especially kind I am immediately suspicious of their motivation. Why, I wonder, is this person, a stranger to me, going out of their way to show me kindness. In the interest of full disclosure those were the thoughts I harbored when I was introduced to the caregivers from Hospice East Bay.
In your case I quickly learned that you had no other axe to grind. Each person I met or interacted with was thoughtful, caring and considerate, not as a condition of employment, but as a central feature of their character. When I came to that realization the weight that both my sister Kim and I were carrying related to our mother’s care was instantly lifted. Knowing that our mother would receive the attention that she so richly deserved freed my sister and I up to show her the love that she had showered upon us throughout our lives together.

I have missed my mother every day since her passing early this month, but I am comforted by the knowledge that we did all in our power to ensure that her final hours were spent in familiar surroundings and in the warm, loving embrace of myself and my sister. For your role in making my mother as comfortable as her circumstances would allow, please accept my most sincere thanks. Know that your kindness will never be forgotten.

Very respectfully yours,
Bruce M.

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