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Letter from a Friend of Hospice

Dear Hospice of the East Bay,

I just had to tell you that my dad sold his house in Walnut Creek and it has been pretty stressful trying to get rid of everything in a very short period of time, as he moves into a condo in Rossmoor. Hospice of the East Bay came today with a big truck and took EVERYTHING.

I know your organization will be able to benefit from the furniture and appreciate the donation, but I’m not sure you understand how much this has helped us. This saved my dad (and me and my brothers, frankly) a TON of stress. We had started putting ads on Craigslist and spent hours selling and giving away individual items that way, but it was really time consuming and we were about to give up and pay someone to come haul everything away. We called MANY organizations trying to donate the furniture, and none of them was able to come except for you guys.

Please pass this on to anyone there that needs to know how grateful we are to be able to donate to Hospice of the East Bay. You also helped us 2 years ago when my mom passed away, and for that we are eternally grateful as well.


Nina Ruebner

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