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Social Worker Uses Social Media

On one home visit to her patient George’s home in early January, Hospice of the East Bay Social Worker Kim Mantch was alarmed to find George’s daughter Lorraine in an emotional state. Lorraine told Kim that when her father had become too weak to care for his beloved dog, Archie, the family made the difficult decision to have him boarded at a local veterinarian’s office. Her dad missed his dog terribly. In addition, the financial burden of boarding Archie was becoming an increasing financial burden on the family. If they could not find a home for him soon, they would be forced to have Archie euthanized. Lorraine was beside herself with worry and grief.

It was Kim’s perseverance and dedication, along with the power of social media that a wonderful family was found for Archie. The day after Kim visited with her patient and his daughter, she posted the following message on Hospice of the East Bay’s Facebook page along with a picture of Archie:

This sweet Scotty, named Archie, needs a home. Unfortunately, his caregiver has not been able to care for Archie and he has been boarded. The situation has been a tremendous financial burden on the family and if they cannot find a home for him, Archie will soon be euthanized. Archie gets along well with other dogs. Though he doesn’t have much experience with cats, when he has encountered them on walks there hasn’t been any problem. He loves to run in the yard and go for walks! Though he is 12 years old, Archie’s only medical problem is a chronic rash which requires daily medication that costs $2.80 a day. The family is willing to provide his medication for a short time, so there is no upfront cost to you. If you or someone you know can offer Archie a home, please let us know ASAP. Time is of the essence.

It is said that social media marketing generates results, but when Kim received dozens of responses to her posting, she was shocked: “Social media is all the rage these days, but to discover that it could actually help a dog that was facing tremendous odds to get adopted was truly extraordinary.”

Phil and his wife, PJ, were unfaltering in their appeal to adopt Archie. They had three Scottie dogs already and thought Archie would be a wonderful addition to their family. Kim spoke extensively with Phil and PJ and found them to be a loving couple who were willing to open their hearts and home to Archie. Once they brought Archie home, they began to use social media as a way to let everyone know how much joy Archie brought into their lives, by posting a daily status update on Facebook:

Archie is up on the sofa with my wife. He is such a gentle little soul, getting along with our two older dogs and putting up with our wild puppies. He has an appointment with our vet tomorrow for a check up and a haircut on Saturday.

On January 20th Phil made a truly amazing discovery:

Well, I have never been a big believer in fate or destiny but Archie defies my previously held ideas. Upon reading his American Kennel Club papers, we discovered that he comes from the same breeder as our two Wheaten Scotties that we brought into our family in August, 2011.

Fate or Facebook, it seems meant to be that Archie was placed in the most perfect home for him. And, the relief that Lorraine experiences every day knowing that her dad’s dearly loved dog, Archie, is happy has made all of Kim’s efforts worthwhile.

Thank you Kim and all of Hospice of the East Bay Social Workers for trying to find all the answers and handling every situation!

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