Here at Hospice East Bay we utilize national and state benchmarks to measure our patient and family satisfaction. The Community Health Accreditation Program (CHAP), a federally-approved independent organization monitors our quality of care and outcomes. CHAP reviews clinical records, operational processes and most importantly, accompanies Hospice East Bay staff on patient visits.

This past July, two CHAP surveyors visited Hospice East Bay for four full days of activities. They reviewed clinical records, policy manuals, interviewed senior leadership and visited patient homes as well as our Bruns House.

We successfully completed our CHAP survey on July 15th and all staff were invited to hear our surveyors comments at the exit meeting. Their report was outstanding—Hospice East Bay scored 98%! This score reaffirms our commitment to quality at all levels and reaccredits us for the next three years.

Our favorite comment from the surveyors: “You people are nothing short of a miracle! If I had to die, I want to die with your hospice.”