Volunteers receiving awards

Forty volunteers were honored with awards for their 5, 10, 15 and 20 years of hospice service at our agency’s annual appreciation gathering in April 2016.

Over 250 attendees gathered to enjoy wine, a delicious dinner and a program highlighting all Hospice East Bay volunteers for their invaluable service in many varied capacities.

Stories were shared to illustrate the vibrant ways in which patient support, bereavement, administrative, development and thrift shoppe volunteers all contribute to our mission:

Volunteer Connie Munden brought her patient’s favorite music to him and though he had been non-verbal for a year, he responded to the music by moving his lips to the words amid his tears of joy.

For months, Desiree LeClerc sat with her patient while she painted and when the patient could no longer hold a paintbrush, Desiree supported her hand to make the strokes.

Chris Bryden played the guitar and sang to his patient on his first and last visit, prompting the patient’s daughter to express appreciation for such a sweet final gift for her mother.

Many special needs volunteers from ARC InRoads, Futures Explored, On Track and Toolworks received thunderous applause for their spirited support of our thrift shoppes. All of our dedicated volunteers were honored that evening. During the remaining 364 days of the year, we hold them in our hearts as treasured members of our organization.