The following information is from the Medicare website:

To guide you and your family in finding hospice care, consider what’s important to you and think about the questions below. This is not a complete list, but a way to start the conversation about the care you desire.

Overall program

  • Does the hospice accept my insurance?
  • What services and treatments will be covered?
  • How long has the hospice been serving patients?
  • Where are hospice services provided?
  • Will the hospice provide a hospital bed and other medical equipment I might need?


  • Will I have the same hospice nurse? What other members of the hospice team might I see, and how often will I see them?
  • How many patients are assigned to each hospice nurse?
  • Does the hospice have help after business hours? Nights? Weekends? Holidays?
  • When I call with an urgent need, how long will it take for someone from the hospice team to respond?

Symptom management

  • How will the hospice team manage my pain or other symptoms that arise?
  • Can I take my current medications?
  • What if my symptoms become uncontrollable at home? Can I go to the hospital?

Communication, coordination, and education

  • How will the hospice team keep me and my family informed about my condition?
  • Will my family and I be involved in making care decisions?
  • How do I communicate any questions or concerns I have about my care?
  • Can I still see my regular doctor if I am on hospice? If yes, how will the hospice team coordinate care with my doctor?
  • How will the hospice team prepare me and my family for what to expect?

Caregiver resources

  • Can we speak with other caregivers to learn of their experience with the hospice?
  • What support services are offered by the hospice? What are our options if we need a break from providing care?
  • What if we cannot take care of our loved one at home?
  • How will the hospice team support us emotionally through the grieving process?

Here's a link to this checklist in PDF form: