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A Place for Peace

A peaceful atmosphere and round-the-clock personal care makes a stay at Bruns House a unique and special experience for both patients and their families.

Bruns House Inpatient Care

In 2004, we established Bruns House to provide inpatient hospice care for patients who require acute symptom management. Offering privacy and quiet that cannot be found in a hospital, combined with intensive round-the-clock care that cannot be achieved at home, Bruns House has cared for more than 3,000 patients and their family members. Bruns House is the only inpatient hospice house in the Bay Area. The Bruns House is also known as GIP (Hospice General Inpatient Care) or IPU (Inpatient Units).

Patients are cared for in a homelike environment. The peaceful atmosphere and round-the-clock personal care are what make a stay at Bruns House a unique and special experience for both patients and their families.

Goals of Bruns House

  • To relieve pain and manage symptoms.
  • To comfort and care for each patient according to their wishes.
  • To support all patients and family members dealing with emotional, spiritual and practical concerns.
  • To ensure that life’s last journey is what the patient wants it to be.

Bruns House is staffed by specially trained professionals, including physicians, registered nurses, licensed vocational nurses, home health aides, dieticians, social workers, spiritual care counselors, bereavement counselors, volunteers and a consulting pharmacist.

Our skilled medical and nursing staff provide assessments and interventions to control symptoms such as pain, nausea, anxiety, shortness of breath, and seizures. There is a registered nurse on duty at Bruns House twenty-four hours a day.

A social worker and spiritual care counselor are available for all patients and family members who are dealing with emotional, spiritual, and practical concerns during the final stages of life

We are available to collaborate with other hospice agencies and coordinate hospice-to-hospice transfers for general inpatient level of care.

A private pay option is available for patients who require routine level of care.

Bruns House on Instagram
Kind words from a loving family...
To celebrate our joint dedication to quality end-of-life care, the Quality Education and Compliance team paid a visit to Bruns House. Over lunch, we exchanged meaningful stories and expressed gratitude for Hospice East Bay's ability to provide inpatient hospice services to our community. #HEBbruns
Cindi van Dorn, former team assistant and supporter of the Bruns House, made a recent visit to catch up with the Bruns House team.  Through the years, the V.O. Smith Family Foundation has generously supported Bruns House and the Bridge Program, Hospice East Bay’s children's bereavement program.  The V.O. Smith Family Foundation was founded by Cindi’s father, Vincent Ogden. Each year around his birthday, the family gathers to select which community organizations will receive their financial support.  Hospice East Bay relies heavily on charitable donations to operate the Bruns House and we are grateful to Cindi and the V.O. Smith Family Foundation for their support.
Love is in the air! 

On Valentine’s Day in 2017, one of our patients enjoyed some sunshine and fresh air with his wife in the backyard. Having experienced three different stays at the Bruns House, he asked us to share his experience so others would know about the care and services we provide to patients and families at the Bruns House. #HEBbruns
The Fundraising Department visited the Bruns House yesterday. The Bruns House, the only in-patient hospice house in the greater Bay Area, is supported by our community of donors. The Fund Development Team had a chance to learn more about the staff and the incredible services provided to our patients and families at Bruns House.

For more information about The Bruns House and ways to contribute please visit the link in our bio!
This year marks 20 years of the Bruns House providing inpatient hospice services to the community. As we reflect on this milestone, we are reminded of many of our patients and families who we have served. We strive as a team to get to know our patients and what is important to each individual. In 2018, one of our patients ate a couple of dark chocolate M&Ms after dinner each night. Today, we remember and honor her memory as we share her favorite after-dinner treat. #HEBbruns #Bobbybanana
Marty made a special trip to the Bruns House to present us with a quilt in memory of her husband.  Her husband came to the Bruns House when his symptoms were not able to be managed at home, and he required a higher level of care. 

Marty shared with us that when her husband arrived at the Bruns House, she noticed a picture in the living room. When she saw it, she recognized the image of one of her dear friends smiling at her and realized she made the right decision to have her husband transfer to the Bruns House. 

We were honored that Marty gifted us her beautiful, handmade quilt and shared her connection with a previous patient.
Happy Holidays from the Bruns House and Bobby Banana! #HEBbruns #Bobbybanana
The Communications team enjoyed a delightful lunch at the Bruns House with Bobby Banana today! Thank you so much Laura and Michael for inviting us. #HEBbruns #Bobbybanana
A Heartfelt Halloween Gift: A Special Costume Handcrafted with Love for Bobby Banana by the significant other of a former Bruns House patient. This simple act of making Bobby an outfit became part of her healing, a way for her to stay connected to the team and the Bruns House, where she said goodbye to the love of her life.

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