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Grief Resources for Parents

Mother and daughter doing homework

Here are some warning signs that a child is grieving the loss of a loved one:

• Not playing with friends or socializing
• Grades suddenly slipping
• Regressive behavior
• Acting out

Facts about child grief:
• Grieving can be painful and confusing at any age
• Children grieve differently than adults
• Accessing grief support resources and connecting with peers can help lessen the pain of grief

You can help a grieving child by:
• Supporting them in their grief, without trying to fix it.
• Simply listening to them and acknowledging that their thoughts and feelings are okay.
• Getting extra support for yourself when needed; modeling self-care for children is important.

How we can help:
• Our Bridge Program for Children & Teens provides a safe place for sharing and connection.
• Peer support can help normalize feelings of grief at a time when nothing seems “normal.”
• For parents, connecting with other parents who are in the same boat can help as well.
• Hospice East Bay’s grief support services are free to the public.

Interested in participating in our Bridge program for Children & Teens?

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