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19 Years of Kindness Acknowledged

“If you could have seen how her mood changed,” Elaine Lasack, Volunteer Coordinator, said of a hospice patient who received a personalized flower arrangement from JR. “I remember it was summer, and the patient was having an especially upsetting day. That morning when JR received our request, he was informed that her favorite season was fall. Even though it was a hot summer day, he selected an assortment of fall flowers. When the arrangement was delivered to her home, the patient’s frown transformed into a beautiful smile.”

The Contra Costa Times article has helped to make people aware of one of the special services that Hospice of the East Bay and our volunteers provide. Since the piece was published, several people have called us with donations of time and money. We are thankful to JR for all he has done to bring beauty and joy to our patients and their families, and immensely grateful that he has finally agreed to be publicly acknowledged for his contributions.

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