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All Your Provision

Dear Hospice East Bay,
Our family thanks you for coming alongside us in the final stages of our beloved mom’s life. You truly were God’s blessing to us. The support and care you all provided in your own unique authentic way was so greatly appreciated.
It was a process for our family and it caught us off guard and unprepared in so many ways. You were all patient and kind with us as we gradually grew in our understanding of this process while dealing with the emotions that poured forth as we each dealt individually and collectively as a family with mom’s final days.
We had been grieving the loss of our mom for the past 12 years with the dementia/Alzheimer’s. It was a slow journey so the quick pace of the final stages of her life caught us off guard. We could not have done it without your support and assistance in providing the palliative care services. I know if my mom were able to speak, she would thank you for being there for her and her family.
Being my mom’s advocate during this journey – I thank you from the depths of my inner most being – no words can express our appreciation for all your provision.
May God bless you all.
Our love,
[name withheld]

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