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I Will Always Treasure That Last Week

Dear Hospice East Bay
This letter is long overdue.
I want to thank you for the care my family received during my mother’s illness. From the first minute hospice walked into our home our family was enveloped in love, caring and kindness. Mom died within a week of being admitted to hospice. Our hospice team was unbelievably fantastic. We had a high quality team – our spiritual care person, our social worker, our RN, our hospice aid. All the very best. I am a retired hospice aid (5 years with hospice) and I never realized how we impact the families who are in our care. I will never forget our hospice team. Because of hospice my mother’s death was easier to bear. There was so much love and goodness and kindness. I will always treasure that last week with Mom and my brother. Hospice was the best possible choice to make, and I am so grateful to Hospice East Bay for their loving support and care.
Love to you all
Virginia M

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