Hospice Volunteer Paul Derby“It is not unusual for combat veterans to keep their memories “inside.” However, in the presence of another veteran, a patient will often talk about those experiences, which can take a burden off their shoulders. I worked with a highly decorated combat Marine who fought in the battle of Iwo Jima during World War II. After a few visits I asked him if he was still having nightmares, and he said that his nightmares had stopped because of my visits."

~ Paul Derby, U.S. Navy Veteran and Hospice East Bay Volunteer

Providing Veteran-Centered Hospice Care

Hospice East Bay’s veterans program is based on an in-depth understanding of the unique issues facing veterans as a result of their military service.

We ensure that our veteran patients have access to any special benefits available to them, including possible compensation, monthly pension, survivor benefits and burial benefits. We also assist veterans in obtaining their Honorable Discharge papers, if lost or missing. Each of our veterans are given the opportunity to be recognized and honored through our Veteran Recognition & Pinning Ceremonies.

Veterans who are volunteers are often paired with patients and families of veterans for support visits and caregiver relief. Our volunteers who are veterans also take part in pinning ceremonies and events honoring patients and their families.

If you're a veteran and want to assist other veterans as a hospice volunteer, get started by visiting the online application below, or sending us an email.