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An Unbearable Situation Made Easier

I don’t know how these amazing people do the work they do day in and day out, but I am so, so grateful they do.

Unfortunately we have had the need for hospice for both my mother-in-law a year and a half ago, and my mother just a few weeks ago. It is a nearly unbearable situation to have to say goodbye to a parent. In both cases, this situation was so made so much easier thanks to the great folks at Hospice East Bay. Every nurse, caregiver, and social worker, that we worked with was so kind and compassionate. I can’t imagine spending my work days caring for people who are dying. But I don’t know how we could have gotten through either of these situations without them. In both cases they made sure our moms were well cared for and comfortable. If there was any concern that they weren’t as comfortable as they could be, the nurses would do whatever necessary to rectify the situation.

Unfortunately we can’t remember the name of the case manager nurse for my mother-in-law, but she was wonderful. She took charge and got whatever we needed, and was kind and compassionate. Our recent case manager nurse, John, was phenomenal. In one instance he stayed with us for nearly two hours to continue to adjust the medication and make sure my mom was comfortable before leaving. And he was the one who came when she passed. He was so kind and compassionate and made a horrible situation go as smoothly as possible. I would never wish this situation on anyone, but if you find yourself in need, I would definitely recommend Hospice East Bay!

Bria C.
Pleasant Hill, CA

(posted on Yelp)

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